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Art Class for children 3-7 years of age

11am-12:30pm class or 9:20am-10:50am class

Mrs. Yuan’s art activities are based on plots and themes, depicting images captured in the story of the day. Students will learn modern art concepts and artistic techniques . Your child can benefit from artistic exploration by thinking creatively and independently, practicing decision making skills, and learning how to use a variety of materials.

In this class children will develop skills in discerning the changes of line, purposes of color matching, designing shapes of objects, and enriching the picture with a variety of materials and painting tools. The mediums for this class will include, paper collage, watercolor, oil pastel drawings, and painting.

Instructor: Ms. Yuan


Foreign Language Teaching, Bachelor of Sun Yat-sen University,China

Children’s Art Curriculum Design School,China

Child psychology Singapore Training School

Childhood Development, Merritt College, United States