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Mandarin storytelling Illustrations Art Class for children 3-6 years of age

Mandarin Arts class is a early childhood education class that allows the youngest of students to learn Mandarin through Arts and Illustrative play time.

Students will learn modern art concepts and artistic techniques . Your child can benefit from artistic exploration by thinking creatively and independently, practicing decision making skills, and learning how to use a variety of materials.

11am-12:30pm class or 9:20am-10:50am class

Mrs. Yuan’s bilingual art activities are based on plots and themes, depicting images captured in the story of the day. Children will be encouraged to feel and discover what the characters are involved in. Through different stories and plots, children will develop cognitive, emotional, and artistic skills.

In this class children will develop skills in discerning the changes of line, purposes of color matching, designing shapes of objects, and enriching the picture with a variety of materials and painting tools. The mediums for this class will include, paper collage, watercolor, oil pastel drawings, and painting.

Instructor: Ms. Yuan


Foreign Language Teaching, Bachelor of Sun Yat-sen University,China

Children’s Art Curriculum Design School,China

Child psychology Singapore Training School

Childhood Development, Merritt College, United States