Heath and Safety During Pandemic

Yu Ying Learning Center Parent Handbook

Addendums/Amendments During COVID-19

YYLC policies and procedures in connection with COVID-19:


  • Parents are expected to drop off their students outside of the main entrance.

  • Family members must wear a face covering when arriving to drop off or pick up their child.

  • Likewise, the same procedure is to be adopted at the pickup time.

  • No visitors are allowed to come inside the school.

  • Sign-In/Out sheet is being used (please bring your own pen).

  • Parents are asked to maintain social distance at Drop off or Pick up time.

  • Parents are to wait for other parents to clear the entrance area of the child care.

  • Parents will not be permitted to enter school at this time.


  • Our staff sanitizes and disinfects surfaces and objects that are frequently touched multiple times per day, especially classroom materials and areas.

  • Doorknobs, light switches, countertops, tables, chairs, cubbies, playground areas, and anything else that is touched by students are cleaned with a disinfectant that is sprayed and allowed to air dry as opposed to wiping down.

  • We use the cleaning products as recommended by the CDC or the Alameda County Health Department.

  • The sink, toilet, and handles are sanitized daily

  • Deep cleaning of the entire school premises is carried out once a week.

  • We are providing hand sanitizer in all classrooms and common areas, as well as soap and paper towels in all bathrooms and all classrooms with sinks.

  • Staff and students follow a routine of handwashing with soap and water OR use the hand sanitizer throughout the day.


  • ACPHD’s guidance calls for maintaining six feet of distance between and among students.

  • it is permissible to relax the 6-feet recommendation if it ensures all/more students receive in-class instruction (e.g., if reducing to 5 feet allows for more practicable cohort sizes).

  • In cases where physical distancing needs to be relaxed, however, face coverings and cohort stability take on even greater importance.

  • It is also critical when students are entering, exiting, or moving around the school campus.


  • ACPHD’s health orders mandate that all school employees and all students wear a cloth or disposable mask at all times while at school - including when they are outside.

  • Students need to wear face covering over the mouth and nose.

  • Students need to bring an additional mask to school.


  • In order to limit the spread of COVID-19 among students and staff, all families and employees will be required to self-screen prior to arriving at school

  • Families will also need to fill out a form that asks about the child’s potential exposure to people with COVID-19 and potential symptoms. Students with temperatures of 100 degrees or higher or with symptoms of COVID-19, should stay home, notify the school, and seek immediate consultation with health care providers.

  • Staff will also visually screen for symptoms and symptomatic students will have their temperatures taken.

  • If someone in your household has come in close contact with an individual who is suspected of having COVID-19 or has a confirmed case of COVID-19, keeps your child home. Call the school and let us know, as we track this information for Public Health.

  • If the parent or any of their children are experiencing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or have come in close contact with an individual who is suspected of having COVID-19 or has a confirmed case of COVID-19, they will be sent home, and not permitted to enter the school before satisfying the School's requirements for returning, which will be based on then-current guidelines of state and local public health officials


  • If we are notified that a YYLC staff member, parent, or child has tested positive for COVID-19 we will notify those who were in contact with that person immediately. We will take appropriate action within our building. A decision will be made regarding a classroom or building closure to allow for disinfection, based on the reporting as to time, exposure to others, etc.

  • We will Contact AUSD and Alameda County Public Health Department and let them know, email safelearning@acgov.org or call 510-268-2101


  • No refund credit will be issued for COVID related absent or Yu Ying class closures due to COVID.


  • Any student exhibiting one or more symptoms of COVID-19 will need to be picked up and taken home immediately.

  • The Class will be closed for 2 weeks if a student is diagnosed with COVID.

  • The Class will be closed and all areas used by the sick student will be disinfected and sanitized thoroughly.

  • Parents are expected not to bring their students should they show COVID symptoms.

  • Student’s absences are closely watched to ensure there are no COVID-like issues.

  • All parents are required to inform if they are required to travel and to what location. Additionally, the parents are required to report if they came into contact with a person with COVID or if such a person visited them and that they came into close contact with this person.

  • According to ACPHD protocols, students or staff with even one symptom of COVID-19 will need to remain in isolation for 10-14 days or until they are feeling better, the fever has been gone for at least 24 hours without taking medicine, and they have a medical evaluator note that verifies the symptoms were not due to COVID-19 or a negative COVID test.



Last updated 3/1/2021