Yu Ying Yuan Bilingual Mandarin Preschool/Day Care 

License#: 013423118

Due to Covid-19 we will not host open house but we'd happy to arrange private tours for you per request. Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis. We anticipate spaces to fill quickly and please register early if you have an interest.  Registration is not complete until form is submitted and cart is paid for. 

Parents Testimonies:

The day care has everything we hoped for: Montessori + Mandarin + Play-based curriculum.  We feel so lucky to have Ms. Pearlie as my 4-yo's teacher. She reminds us of Ms. Frizzle in Magic School Bus series: passionate, fun, resourceful, and elegant! She is an educator who truly has passion about child development. The programs at YYY are full of resources. Another strong point is that the communication with the parents is excellent...  Read More...--SueMy son blossomed tremendously with Ms. Pearlie and Ms. Du in the day care. The combination of Montessori and Mandarin was perfect for us. ... and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Yu Ying Preschool to other parents.  Read More...-- AliceThe after school program you offer at the center is really very effective. We had sent Nolan to a Chinese class and another Chinese after-school care before but he did not learn much. However, he was able to converse, read and write in Chinese so quickly after enrolling at your center. Read More...-- Cindy & Scott

Yu Ying Yuan is a bilingual (Mandarin/English preschool) in Alameda, which is serving children from ages 2 to 6 years old

Our activities aim to enhance early child development through a balance of play-based and structured learning. We advocate a holistic approach to create experiences and opportunities for children to explore, with wide-ranging activities to nurture their curiosity, skills along with goals, and aspirations for learning. We strive at all times to validate each child and help them grow into their full potential as unique individuals. Some Yu Ying Yuan classroom environments are child-directed as is the amount of time they spend on any given activity.

Our goal is to enrich all aspects of a child’s growth, including their social, artistic, physical, and emotional development. The benefits of a holistic approach for imagination, discovery, problem-solving, social interaction, language, and literacy development are limitless. We keep age and developmentally appropriate expectations in mind, teachers observe and take an active interest in each child’s individual progress as they strive to master different skills and learn new concepts. With the guidance of well-qualified teachers, children have the opportunity to creatively explore their environment. acquire tangible skills, and develop a strong sense of self-esteem.


We offer year-round programs to meet the needs of your family.


Please contact us at info@yyydaycare.com to receive more information or register at Yu Ying Yuan!


Preschool Director/Head Teacher: Ms. Pearlie 


Ms. Pearlie is a certified Montessori teacher with over 30 years of elementary teaching experience at both Montessori and traditional schools. Ms. Pearlie promotes Montessori's vision by creating an appropriate curriculum and learning environment for children. She has a passion to help children achieve their fullest potential by applying her professional teaching experience and knowledge to create teaching materials for education programs. She has taught a variety of dances and organized dance revues twice a year showcasing movements and choreographies learned since 2006. She is a very patient and friendly teacher who teaches children to be kind and respect each other. In addition, Ms. Peralie is good at establishing a positive relationship with parents by providing regular and positive communication. 

12 years working experiences in preschool; 5 years in K-1; 10 years in 4th and 5th grades; 2 years in high school an 2 years in college. 


M.A. Language and Literature

B.A. Education


Child Development Site director/Teacher Permit

Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Credential

Montessori Elementary Teacher Credential

California Basic Education Skills Test

Head Teacher: Ms. Du

Child Development Teacher Permit


2015-2021        Preschool teacher 

2016-2018        Yu Ying Learning Center Chinese teacher

2004-2007        Kindergarten teacher

Ms. Du started to work at Yu Ying Learning Center since 2017 . She used to work at play-based preschool. Du. is very kind, detail-orientated. She is professional and has passion to work with kids. She is super patient and love her students with her whole heart. The class lead by her is always full of laugh, and fun games. She pays a lot of attention to provide kids opportunities to build up friendship, develop social skills. She encourage kids to explore and dig the answer by themselves while providing appropriated support to develop their full potential. 

Preschool Curriculum Director/Teacher: Ms. Li


Ms. Li is our mandarin curriculum director in Yu Ying learning Center.  She used to be curriculum coordinator in play-based preschool. She developed various professional learning curriculum for children of different ages. Ms. Li has many years of working experience with children. She has taught Mandarin online and offline lessons to K-6 students for the Berkeley Unified School district since 2019. Ms. Li also worked very closely with parents and families. She created and implemented the Parent Education Program for over 100 parents and taught courses regarding parenting skills. She has many years of experience in developing and managing teacher training programs.


Holy Names University: B.A. in Liberal Art Studies

College of Alameda: B.A. in Psychology


UC Berkeley Extension: Teaching Chinese as a second language certificate


Shanghai Hong-Kou Teacher College: Teaching Credential

Head Teacher: Ms. Cheng

Child Development Teacher Permit


Ms. Cheng is a bilingual teacher (native mandarin speaker). She started to work at Yu Ying in 2017. Ms. Cheng is very professional, friendly, energetic, patient, good at maintaining a healthy and safe environment for children. She is an amazing teacher who motivates children to learn the necessary skills such as numbers, colors, and letter recognition. She is good at creating a variety of learning materials for children to encourage children's interest in learning. In Ms. Cheng's classroom, children will develop social skills, enhance learning capabilities and enjoy group projects. Ms. Cheng is good at communicating children's daily development at school with parents. 

Tuition and Fees

5 days/week 8:30am-12pmor 2:30-6pm: $1445/installment

5 days/week 8:30am-3pm: $1845/installment

5 days/week 8am-6pm: $2045/installment

(Only 5 days/week programs are provided at this time)

Registration Fee: $200

Annual Material Fee: $450

Potty training fee: $80/installment if needed