2024 Mandarin Chinese Immersion Summer Camp 

Yu Ying Summer Camp provides an excellent opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture through engaging activities in our immersion environment!  Our well rounded-program incorporates outdoor activities, field trips, arts and crafts, academic enrichment and fun activities.  Using task-based language teaching method, campers will learn and practice Mandarin Chinese through meaningful activities designed to expand their language skills.  Each week's theme is integrated into our daily lesson plan.  Students are grouped based on their proficiency of Mandarin, from beginner level with no prior knowledge, to advanced native speaker level.

Session Themes and Schedule

Unleash Your Inner Warrior  (Session 1 June 10-14, week 1)*

Empower your child this summer with the transformative power of martial arts! Our camp combines centuries-old traditions with dynamic activities to help kids reach their full potential. Learn valuable life skills through fun, interactive activities in Mandarin. Build coordination, confidence, and cultural understanding all while strengthening their bodies and minds. Games, competitions, and playful group activities make learning Mandarin a blast!

*one-week session

Roar into summer with Animal Kingdom Adventures! (Session 2 June 17-28, week 2&3)*
Imagine embarking on a globe-trotting safari, discovering creatures great and small from every corner of the Earth. In rainforest canopies, you'll meet vibrant birds dancing amongst emerald leaves. Beneath the ocean waves, you'll marvel at mysterious sea life gliding through coral castles. Each day brings a new continent to explore, with games, activities, and hands-on projects revealing the amazing secrets of animal habitats, behaviors, and features. And that's not all! A thrilling field trip to meet your favorite animals in person brings your wild adventure to life. Buckle up, young explorers, because Animal Kingdom Adventures is where curiosity takes flight!
*Field trips to zoo might be arranged. Parents volunteer and carpool needed.

Create your World Through Art! (Session 3 July 1- 12 , week 4&5)*

Dive into a vibrant world, where creativity blooms through colorful paints, playful clays, dazzling jewels, exciting materials, and expert guidance. From jewelry making and paper mache adventures to painting masterpieces and exploring sculpting techniques, every day is a new creative journey. Our passionate arts instructor will ignite imaginations, spark discussions about the power of self-expression, and show kids how creativity can open doors to seeing the world in wonder-filled ways. 

*No class on July 4th

Little chef’s kitchen (Session 4 Jul 15-26, week 6&7)*

Imagine tiny hands giggling as they squish soft dough, pink Himalayan salt sparkles like fairy dust, and secret spices from local restaurants unlock a world of flavor adventures. Turn your child into a little master chef at Camp Culinary Adventure! We'll ignite their creativity and passion for food in a fun, inclusive environment. From Chinese classics to world cuisine, they'll explore exciting flavors and cultures, one delicious bite at a time. With fun games, playful challenges, and a sprinkle of teamwork, their confidence will bloom alongside their culinary skills. Get ready for taste bud adventures and a lifetime love of food! 

*Field trip , hands-on activities to local restaurants 

REVERIE: We Are Dreamers (Session 5 July 29- August 9, week 8&9)*

Lights! Camera! Action! Dive into a summer of dazzling creativity at our Mandarin Musical Camp. Ignite your child's inner star this summer. Shine on stage in our dazzling Mandarin musical extravaganza! Sing, dance, and act your way to Broadway glory! Teamwork, confidence, and life-long friendships bloom under the spotlight. Discover creative self-expression, the power of dreams, and Mandarin magic! Everyone gets a chance to shine. A live performance takes place at the end of camp. It's Showtime!
*Performance at the end of this session 

**Full day camp on August 12 and 13 (must enroll at least one week of summer camp)

Field Trips (Subject to change)

Students engage in cultural and recreational excursions around the Bay Area including visits to places such as Zoo, Washington Park, local restaurants, Crab Cove, and more. Beach day too!

Entering Kindergarten or Kindergarten (no prior Chinese knowledge needed)*

We pay special attention to our youngest campers cognitive, emotional, and social development while they explore the Mandarin Chinese language. Songs, games, role-play, and other creative approaches are cultivated to spark interest in Chinese and ensure campers feel comfortable during their stay at summer camp.

Grades 1-8 (no prior Chinese knowledge needed)*

Summer Camp is a great opportunity for our campers to learn Mandarin Chinese language skills and Chinese culture, expand their global perspective, enhance academic knowledge and interact with peers in a diverse setting.

Tuition and Fees

Full Day: $395 / week 8am-6pm 

Half Day: $310 / week 8am-12pm or 2pm-6pm

Materials fee: $30/week

Please contact us for early drop in before 8am.


Multi session discount: enroll 7+ full day weeks, $100 off total price; enroll 9full day weeks, $150 off total price.

Sibling Discount:  15% tuition off for the 2nd child and the 3rd child. 

If the discount is not applied automatically due to system error, please contact us and we will refund you.

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