2023 Mandarin Chinese Immersion Summer Camp

Yu Ying Summer Camp provides an excellent opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture through engaging activities in our immersion environment! Our well rounded-program incorporates outdoor activities, field trips, arts and crafts, academic enrichment and fun activities. Using task-based language teaching method, campers will learn and practice Mandarin Chinese through meaningful activities designed to expand their language skills. Each week's theme is integrated into our daily lesson plan. Students are grouped based on their proficiency of Mandarin, from beginner level with no prior knowledge, to advanced native speaker level.

Session Themes and Schedule

Wonders of life (Session 1: June 12-23, week 1-2)

Get ready for the morphing and exploring biodiversity in different biomes and learning about the amazing adaptations that animals use to survive and thrive! In these fantastic sessions, explore insects that begin their lives underwater before taking to the air. From camouflage to mimicry to bioluminescence, discover how animals have evolved to live in harmony with their surroundings. Plus, you'll have the chance to get hands-on experience with these concepts through fun activities and experiments.

*one-week session

The World Through the Eyes of an Artist (Session 2: June 26-Jul 7, week 3&4, No class on July 4th)*

Prepare for hands-on fun! Our campers will use their imagination and hands to create their own masterpiece! Our arts instructor will lead campers to create a variety of fascinating arts & crafts using different materials, artistic styles and techniques. Spark their creativity and imagination with hands-on activities including crafts, sculpture skills, paper mache, jewelry making, painting, drawing, and much more. Discuss the importance of creativity and how it can help us to express ourselves and see the world in new and exciting ways.

Junior Builders (Session 3: July 10-21, week 5&6)

Explore the world of building and construction by building models of bridges, planes, boats, and more using a variety of materials, such as cardboard, Legos, and up-cycled materials. You'll learn about the properties of different building materials and how to use them to create sturdy and stable structures. Test the strength and stability of your creations and learn how to improve them based on the results. This hands-on week will inspire, educate, and challenge you to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to engineering problems.

Fascinating human body (Session 4: Jul 24-Aug 4, week 7&8)

Interested in learning more about the amazing world of the human body? Join us to explore the inner workings of the body's systems. From the circulatory system that carries blood and nutrients, to the respiratory system that carries oxygen and removes carbon dioxide, discover the immune system which protects us 24/7. Learn how these systems work together to keep us healthy and functioning properly.

Wonders of China (Session 5: Aug 7-10, week 9) (no class on August 11th)*

Explore the highlights of China! Embark on a journey through China’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty. Discover amazing achievements of the ancient past, including the construction of the Great Wall f to the mysteries of the Forbidden City. Wander through Beijing’s imperial landmarks, examine ancient treasures in Xi’an, and float down the Yangtze River among the dramatic limestone karst! Along the way, campers will enjoy a view of the gleaming skyscrapers of Shanghai, admire cuddly pandas in Chengdu, before rounding off their travels in the majestic landscapes of rural Yunnan. Campers will receive a colorful overview of the Middle Kingdom, and learn about the country’s unique cultural fabric, diversity, and splendid destinations. Activities include songs, games, Chinese calligraphy, dramatic play, theme parties, and music.

Field Trips (Subject to change due to Covid-19 update)

Students engage in cultural and recreational excursions around the Bay Area including visits to places such as Coyote Hills, Washington Park, local restaurants, Crab Cove, and more. Beach day and bowling day every week! (Activates might be changed due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19)

Entering Kindergarten or Kindergarten (no prior Chinese knowledge needed)*

We pay special attention to our youngest campers cognitive, emotional, and social development while they explore the Mandarin Chinese language. Songs, games, role-play, and other creative approaches are cultivated to spark interest in Chinese and ensure campers feel comfortable during their stay at summer camp.

Grades 1-8 (no prior Chinese knowledge needed)*

Summer Camp is a great opportunity for our campers to learn Mandarin Chinese language skills and Chinese culture, expand their global perspective, enhance academic knowledge and interact with peers in a diverse setting.

Tuition and Fees

Full Day: $380 / week 8am-6pm

Half Day: $290 / week 8am-12pm or 2pm-6pm

Materials fee: $25/week

Please contact us for early drop in at 7:45am


Sibling Discount: 15% off for the 2nd child and the 3rd child.

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