Parent Testimony And Complementary Letter

"I just want to let you know that my husband and I are very happy to have our boys, Nolan and Kevin, at your center for after-school care. The program you offer at the center is really very effective. We had sent Nolan to a Chinese class and another Chinese after-school care before but he did not learn much. However, he was able to converse, read and write in Chinese so quickly after enrolling at your center. Kevin is also starting to converse in Chinese in less than a year even though he is there only part-time.

We are also very impressed with the excellent care your staff provide. You have been so flexible and accommodating to the changes in our schedule. Your teachers constantly provide feedback as to how our boys are doing. Also, last Tuesday, when my husband was running late to pick up the boys, Benson stayed with Nolan and Kevin the whole time. He also offered to bring them back to the center to make sure they were not alone in school even though Tuesday is their day off from the center.

We appreciate everything you and your staff have done. Thank you very much!"

-- Cindy and Scott February 2015

We are so thrilled to have an opportunity for our son to learn Mandarin in Alameda. Even though it is not spoken consistently in our home, I have been very happy at how much my son has learned in the short half year that he has been attending Yu Ying. While he previously had very little ability, my son is reciting classical Chinese poetry, speaking in short sentences, writing characters, and singing songs. The teachers are loving and care for each and every one of the students. There are extra-curricular activities such as Chinese chess and calligraphy, and students recite poetry and learn about holidays and traditions. As working parents, my husband and I are grateful that the teachers provide transportation from the elementary school to the campus and they also do their best to provide holiday care. We will continue to send our son to Yu Ying and our daughter looks forward to attending next year when she’s old enough.

-- Julie, November 2014

We have been very impressed with how much Mandarin our daughter has learned in these past several months, even though she started with very little prior exposure. It was such a wonderful surprise to hear her singing songs in Mandarin, within just a couple of weeks of starting the program! She is now reading Chinese characters and is able to understand basic conversational Mandarin. The program has warm and enthusiastic teachers who use multiple teaching modalities – didactic, interactive, and multimedia – to create an immersive learning experience. We are grateful to Yu Ying Learning Center for providing an environment in which our daughter’s enthusiasm for learning Mandarin and her confidence in her ability to learn something completely new are nurtured and enhanced.

-- Alice, October 2012