Faculty and Staff

Ms. Faye


Education: Masters in Management and Law

Bio: As the Principal of Yu Ying Learning Center, with...

 ...my expertise in childhood education and management, I am dedicated to establishing well-rounded high quality programs in a safe and happy environment.  Learning a second language is shown to benefit children's cognitive development,  academic achievement, and  boost brain performance.  I believe each child has their own unique intelligence, and embrace the opportunity to work with them.  We will do our best to help each child reach their potential.

Ms. Sunny


Education: B.S. Psychology...

Expertise in subjects: Mandarin, Children Psychology

Experience: 2013 - present Yu Ying Learning Center, United States...

Over 6 years working experiences with kids k-5 in Chinese teaching. I used to work in Bilingual daily school and after school. ie. Yew Chung International School.

My teaching philosophy is that I believe every child is unique and needs a secure and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually and socially. It is my goal as an educator to help students meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing an environment that is safe, supports taking risks and invites creativity and the sharing of ideas. I believe the child’s natural curiosity should guide him or her and that mutual respect should be established.

Ms. Grace 

Curriculum Director

Education: Master's Degree in Education...

Experience: 2016 -- present Yu Ying Learning Center, United States....

I am eager to bring elementary school students into the twenty-first century using a unique combination of education experience and enthusiasm as a 26-year Mandarin educator with children from different ages and backgrounds.

Ms. Liu 

 Curriculum Design Coordinator and Head Teacher

Education: Managent, Tinjin...

Expertise in subjects: Mandarin, Abacus, Early Child Development

Experience: 2012 -- present Yu Ying Learning Center USA...

I enjoy spending time with children. Education is the career I am perusing for my whole life. I never stop learning while I am teaching. I feel young and energetic when I am together with my students. In our competitive society it is important for students to not only receive a solid formal education, but to work with someone who is aware of and supports their individual needs. As educators, we should build the foundation of learning into the world community to help children become caring and active members of society.

Ms. Wu

Mandarin Head Teacher

Education: B.A. in Chinese Linguistic Literature 

Experience: 2016 -- present Yu Ying Learning Center USA...

 I believe that every child was born with his/her own unique and lovely characteristics that we adults should discover these characteristics during our time together. I am very patient and  I love kids a lot. 

Ms. Emily

Steam head teacher

Art - Biology - Dancing Teacher

Education: B.A. Fine Arts Painting & ...

Experience: 2018 -- present Yu Ying Learning Center.  I have loved teaching all my life, starting from...

... helping my parents teach Kindergarteners then being a camp counselor for fifth graders in high school for the Web of Life Field School in Camp Campbell. I earned my BFA in Fine Art Painting & Drawing from the Academy of Art in 2006 and began teaching Academic realism to children and adults in 2007.  I also loves dance and performed with Los Ayres studio in San Leandro learning classical ballet, jazz, and Hawaiian dance. When performed my first singing solo at age 5 and at 10, I was Oliver Twist in the musical Oliver! I love science and loves making art about science, and specializes in portraiture.  I loves to teach art and help kids realize they can do things they never imagined! 

Ms. Heidi

STEAM Head Teacher

mechanics-phycisc-3D printing


Expertise in subjects: Physics, Mechanics, 3D printing,  Arts...

Heidi is passionate about equations and dedicated to making a meaningful impact. She used to be a found of a tutoring center, designed personalized programs for student to study math, physics, and engineering.   As a Teacher’s Assistant for college freshman she led engaging sessions on excel, isometric drawing, and 3D design.  Heidi has always loved working with children, volunteering as a Book Buddies mentor during her time as a corporate engineer to help elementary students improve their reading skills. She appreciates their unabashed creativity and unfiltered nature. 

Heidi loves editing her upcoming book, exploring new places with her cat Cheebs, drawing portraits, and embarking on artistic endeavors of all kinds. Her vibrant mind-body connection, showcased as a Certified Yoga Teacher, makes Heidi the perfect fit for any STEM adventure, bringing both expertise and compassion to the learning experience.

Ms. Wang

Mandarin Head Teacher

Education: Bachelor in Education, He Nan University

Experience: 2019- present Yu Ying Learning Center. 30+ teaching mandarin experiences...

With over 30 years in the classroom, my passion for teaching burns brighter than ever. Each day, I witness the magic of young minds blossoming, fueled by my love for creating engaging games and playful interactions that turn learning into an unforgettable adventure. As a responsible guide, I nurture not just academic growth, but also the courage to explore, the joy of discovery, and the confidence to shine.


STEAM Head Teacher

Education: Bachelors of science from Indiana University 

Experience: 2020- present Yu Ying Learning Center...

I am passionate about teaching & believe kids learn best when a class is as interactive as possible. I have been a volunteer for a variety of science and engineering projects, and competitions. 

Ms. Yuan 

STEAM Head Teacher


Education:B.A in foreign language teaching

Expertise in subjects:  Mandarin, Dancing, Arts

Experience: 2015~present Yu Ying Learning Center, United States...

Ms. Cheng

Mandarin head Teacher

Education: Early Child development head teacher permit with language art degree

Experience: 2017-present, Yu Ying Learning Center...

My classroom sparks with laughter, fueled by my contagious passion for Mandarin. Every lesson is a game, every interaction a joyful bridge to a new world. 

Ms. Chen

Martial Arts Teacher

Education: Master’s degree in sports and Martial arts education, Chengdu Sport University 

Experience: China national accredited Martial arts Referee, first class...

During her more than a decade’s teaching career (including university students), all recipients have greatly improved their ability and persistence in overcoming difficulties and barriers of all kinds in additional to their physical fitness improvements. 

Ms. Man

Mandarin Head Teacher

Education: B.A. in Law

Expertise in subjects: Mandarin and Cantonese

Experience: 2019- present Yu Ying Learning Center, Alameda CA, Mandarin teacher...

2006 – 2019, Montessori School, Orinda, CA, Mandarin teacher

2003 – 2012,   Walnut Creek, CA, English Sunday School teacher

I love to teach kids and have been teaching Mandarin in many different ways, especially for the following benefits: 

· Being able to be creative with different teaching methods based upon subject and learning goals.

· Watching students develop not only to master knowledge but also social skills, critical thinking, and self-efficacy.

· Refining my communication skills during each teaching experience to continue growing as an educator.

· Working together with other teachers, staff, administration, and parents to provide a learning-centered environment tailored to the appropriate developmental stage.