2023 January 14 - June 3, 2023

Weekend Mandarin Chinese Program (Pre K-12th grade)
@ 2017 Central Ave. Alameda

Schedule and Fee:

  • Every Saturday Morning!

  • 9:00-10:30am Beginner to intermediate level $850

  • 10:45am-12:15pm Beginner level $850

  • 9am-12pm Intermediate level $1460

  • 9am-12pm Advanced level $1710

  • Registration fee: $100

  • Materials fee $70

  • 10% sibling discount

  • 19 classes from January 14 - June 3, 2023. No class on February 25th and April 15th.

Weekend Mandarin Chinese Program ( Pre K-Grade 12th)

Program overview

Yu Ying Learning Center provides weekend Chinese programs. We maintain a low student to teacher ratio in all of our programs to provide a personalized learning experience.

Program goals

  • Beginner level students will focus on learning basic Chinese pronunciation and daily conversation based on activities to cultivate their interest.

  • Intermediate students will study pronunciation, basic reading, writing, and practical conversation.

  • Advanced students will learn communication skills, continue pronunciation, and speaking fluency in Chinese, advanced reading/writing with sentences and grammar.

Enrollment starts now.

Program description

Weekend/Weekday Pre K Chinese class (Ages 3-5 years old)

This is a 60-minute session for children to learn Chinese in a relaxed and fun small-group environment with our native Mandarin teacher. Students are going to learn a new language using two-way immersion methods through exposure to interesting videos, music, games, pictures, computer activities, etc. Basic themes include, but are not limited to: greeting, family members, numbers, colors, foods, and animals. Our goal is to have children and adults have an enjoyable experience while learning the Chinese language and culture.

Weekend Beginner level Chinese class

Weekend Beginner Mandarin Chinese class lasts 90-minute for children entering K-3rd grade who have little prior knowledge of the Chinese language. Children will learn pinyin, words, phrases, and sentences used in daily conversational Chinese through songs, games, videos, poems, role play, and performances using task-based learning methods. Our goal is to introduce the students to the Chinese language and culture while helping them obtain basic conversation skills.

Weekend beginner to Intermediate level Chinese class

This is a 90-minute session for children At this Intermediate, students will continue working through thematic instruction of curriculum and be introduced to Chinese radicals along with the writing of Chinese characters. Our goal is to have students improve their Chinese in regards to speaking, reading, and writing.

Weekend advanced level Chinese class (6th grade & above)

This is 3 hours session is for students who have at least 3 years of prior Chinese instruction (or a teacher evaluation is recommended). The goal is for students to improve the Chinese and to prepare for Sat Chinese test.

Please email info@yuyinglearning.com for more information.