500 Park Street Campus
(Preschool: 2-5 years old)

Our Park Street facility is conveniently located at South Shore Shopping Center, featuring spacious and bright classrooms, with water front view (by the lagoon).

2121 Central Ave. Campus
(Mandarin program 3rd Grade & up)

Central Ave facility features bright classrooms, with piano and dancing room. Password lock is used to keep our students safe. LED lights are installed throughout to provide complement natural lighting. Rubber play ground is available in the back yard for students to play basket ball, wall ball and practice sports activities.

2017 Central Ave. Campus
(Mandarin program TK - 2nd Grade, STEAM program)

This is our biggest facility. It is also a landmark in Alameda. Being a Quneen Anne style house, this facility features high ceilings and plent of natural light, with spacious back yard for basket ball/wall ball and other outdoor activities.