Online Mandarin Summer Camp

June 21st - August 13th, 2021

Online Mandarin Summer Camp: Tk-8th grade

  • Different levels of class;

  • Theme based summer camp;

  • Teachers encourage children's active participation during online classes by embedding new words, structures, and concepts into real-world contexts.

  • A fun and interactive online class format allow children to learn Mandarin in a pleasant and engaging atmosphere.

  • Session I: June 21st - July 16th (July 5th HOLIDAY)

  • Session II: July 19th - Aug 13th

Session I Themes: June 21st - July 16th (July 5th HOLIDAY)

【Wonders of China】June 21-25

Explore the highlights of China! Embark on a journey through China’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty. Discover amazing achievements of the ancient past, including the construction of the Great Wall to the mysteries of the Forbidden City.

【Home, Sweet Home】June 28-July2

Get ready for a BIG hug from your kids! This is a great opportunity for the kids to express their happiness and appreciation for being a wonderful member of their "sweet home."

【Shopping Fun】July 6-July 9 (July 5th HOLIDAY)

Prepare to be amazed on your next shopping experience! Are you ready to look for goodies? The kids will become experts at identifying shops, navigating through a store, communicating with store staff, and asking for directions to different places.

【Simply Delicious!】July 12-16

Have your kids choose the dishes for your next restaurant meal. Start with bite size delights, pick a main course, and don’t forget dessert! You may be surprised and delighted at what shows up at your table. By the end of the session the campers will master the art of communicating with waitstaff, and order food that’s simply delicious!

Session II Themes: July 19th - August 13

【Adventures in Wonderland】July 19-23

Join us for a virtual field trip to the world's most famous theme parks! The kids will come along for an adventure to Disney World, Legoland, and more. Come experience the exhilarating rides, see lovely animals, and describe their sensational tour in Mandarin! Let’s get this adventure started!

【Hobby lobby】July 26-30

Staying at home may be a little boring but it doesn’t have to be! Get ready laughs, fun, and excitement! Our students will share hobbies, interests, games, and their favorite activities with fellow campers to encourage each other to stay healthy and strong. All while having tons of fun! Our students will find out about each other’s unique skills, learn valuable lessons in collaboration, and gain inspiration to achieve their goals and dreams!

【Journey through nature】August 2-6

Join us as we trek through nature. Students will embark on a journey through nature. Kids will visit parks, cities and even other countries!

【My wonderful day】Aug 9-13

Share your sweet moments, funny stories, and unforgettable activities that you experience each day. From the time we wake up in the morning, to the "yummy" meals, fun activities and hobbies, hilarious family games, and getting ready for bedtime. We can't wait to hear about your wonderful day!

Experienced Mandarin Teachers:

with backgrounds in linguistics, education, psychology and business.

Ms. Sunny Ms. Liu Ms. Wu Ms. Yang Ms. Yuan Ms. Cheng Ms. Fan


  • Two classes per day.

  • Group A: Beginner level

Monday - Friday 1-2:30pm (Two classes with 15 minutes break)

  • Group B: Beginner to intermediate level

Monday - Friday 3-4:30pm (Two classes with 15 minutes break)

Enrollment by session:

  • Session I, June 21st -July 16th (4 weeks)

  • Session II, July 19th - August 13th (4 weeks)


  • $490 per session (5 days per week. total of 4 weeks)

  • 20% sibling discount for second child.

  • Registration fee: $90

Waived for students who paid registration fee for 2021-22 after school