Open House

Mandarin Afterschool: 1-2pm Jan 22 2022


STEAM Afterschool: 1-2pm, 2-3pm Feb. 5th 2022 @2017 Central Ave.

School Tour

Mandarin Program: 5:50PM Monday to Friday @2017 Central Ave.

STEAM Program: 5:50 PM Monday to Friday @2017 Central Ave.

Yu Ying Learning Center was established to provide a safe, supportive and stimulating environment to meet the learning goals of our students. Our After school/Summer Camp/Weekend classes provide structured academic and planned activities as well as selective two-way immersion Mandarin Chinese program.

Students learn language through educational and interactive methods.

To support students math and reading, we use Accelerated Math & Accelerated Reader to give each student personalized learning and differentiated instruction on math and reading. Teachers and parents can monitor and assess academic progress online and make data-driven decisions to guide each student to success.

We also offer a wealth of elective enrichment classes and fun activities such as Arts, Piano, Photography, Lego, Private Voice, Private English Reading & Writing Tutoring, Basic Movement, Intro To Theatre, Drama: Shakespeare, Abacus, Sing & Dance & Act In Musicals.

We focus on creating a nurturing environment, and believe fostering trust between students and teachers is the foundation of a productive learning experience. Our bright classrooms and outdoor play area is an ideal place for fun and social activities.

Our Mandarin Chinese program is designed for both Chinese speakers and those with no prior Chinese language experience. Research has shown being a bilingual speaker has positive effects on a child's intellectual growth and brain development. We are fast moving into a more globally integrated world, and learning a second language will open doors to greater opportunities and prepare your child for the future ahead. In addition to learning language, we assist students in developing other capacities including critical thinking and problem solving skills, while immersing them in a joyful setting and stimulating curriculum.

Available programs:

Parents Testimonies:

The program you offer at the center is really very effective. We had sent Nolan to a Chinese class and another Chinese after-school care before but he did not learn much. However, he was able to converse, read and write in Chinese so quickly after enrolling at your center. Read More...-- Cindy & ScottWe are so thrilled to have an opportunity for our son to learn Mandarin in Alameda. Even though it is not spoken consistently in our home, I have been very happy at how much my son has learned in the short half year that he has been attending Yu Ying. Read More...--JulieWe have been very impressed with how much Mandarin our daughter has learned in these past several months, even though she started with very little prior exposure. Read More...-- Alice