Meet our STAR instructors!

Anna Joham

Actress and Singer

  • G.P.D.,Opera Performance, Longy School of Music
  • Master's degree in Music, Music Theater, Oklahoma City University
  • BA in Music, Vocal Performance, University of Oregon

Anna L Joham has been singing, dancing, and performing on stage for over 30 years. She has studied classical piano for 15+ years, voice for 20 years and dance for 10+ years. She has received her BA in vocal performance from University of Oregon, her MM in musical theater from Oklahoma City University and her GPD in Opera from Longy School of Music in Boston. Her performance experiences range from Musical Theater, Opera, Cabaret, Solo Recitals, and Jazz. She has won numerous awards for her singing and has performed across the country and internationally. Currently she performs extensively across the bay area primarily as a musical theatre performer. Anna is a Vocal coach and voice teacher since 2005.

Sharlene Simonson

Musician and Photographer

  • A.A. & A.S. City College of San Francisco
  • Certificates in Digital Photography, Studio Photography, and Portraiture
  • Voice, Saxophone and Jazz Ensemble: at Community Music Center.

"There is so much beauty to hear and see. That's why I'm passionate about Music and Photography. Music has been part of my life from the beginning while Photography became something I wanted to practice to help me look for quirks and beautiful things in the world. Now it supports me! I'm happy to share my love for these Arts. When anyone, adult or kid, enjoys something they are more likely to continue making it a part of their life. My approach to teaching is encouraging, implementation of games in learning new concepts and materials, and encouraging good relationships in the classroom."

Johnny Guan

Biologist and LEGO enthusiast

B.S. Degree in Biology, South China Normal University (Guangzhou, China)

"I used to work as a counselor at XueErSi Educational Institute, Guangzhou, China to assist classroom management andprovide academic advices. My working experience in Laboratory Technician at FuNeng Gene company, Guangzhou, China helps me design and organize science activities for my students."