Remote Mandarin Education

March 30th - June 8th, 2020

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Online Beginner Level Mandarin :

  • For 4-6 years of children
  • No prior knowledge needed

This is a fun class for children to learn Chinese in a relaxed and fun small-group environment with our native Mandarin teacher. Students are going to learn a new language using two-way immersion methods through exposure to interesting music, games, pictures, etc. Basic themes include, but are not limited to: greeting, family members, numbers, colors, foods, and animals. Our goal is to have children and adults have an enjoyable experience while learning the Chinese language and culture.


  • 10:00 am -10:40 am (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Session one: April 15th -May 8th
  • Session two: May 11th - June 5th


  • 11 classes for each session, $220 per session.
  • Session one and Session two will be $440.

Online Mandarin Program:

  • From TK to Grade 8th

The Online Mandarin education program combines with Mandarin and various fun activities. All online programs are teaching by professional instructors. Students are able to easily follow along with the teacher, ask questions and interact with other students in the group through our online platform. Each online class is based on different age groups and Mandarin levels. Children feel comfortable being around the same age group of children. It really helps children improve their thinking skills and social skills. During the online class, our instructors created fun games and origami activities related to Chinese culture in order to improve students' interests. Our online program also includes art class, which sparks children's creativity and builds children's passion for art. Learning art with our professional art instructor is fun and effective.


  • Mandarin Remote classes (Monday to Friday)
  • Art classes (once a week)
  • Dancing/Movement classes (twice a week)


Less than $20 per day!!

  • 2 sessions for 9 weeks from March 30th - June 8th, 2020.
  • $450 per session (total 2 sessions, due by April 3rd and May 3rd ).

Parents Testimonial: